Branding packs

Branding Packs

Absolute free Branding packs and design assets exclusive for PLUS Lifetime members.

How the branding packs works?


Everytime we create a product at Original Mockups, we find a way to make people fall in love at first sight.

For us, it’s not only about functionality, it’s all about capturing the love in our creations by the art of design. We’re always researching for new ways to innovate with our products, and that’s why we have created brands with identities that are both functional and attractive.

You asked for it, you got it

In response to all inquiries about acquiring our designs, we’ve prepared a variety of packages that include branding templates from Original Mockups such as Infinity, Stellar, Supernova and others.

Each package includes all of the resources we’ve used in our presentations and necessary assets to start and create designs beyond anything you could’ve ever imagined.

Enjoy it

If you become in a PLUS Lifetime member, you’ll have access to exclusive content and all new graphing resources that are still to come.

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Latest design assets

3d Assets

3D Assets

Stuning 3D Assets for The Foundry Modo

We use advanced modeling techniques and 3D animations to create beautiful illustrations for our designs. Feel free to use them!

Infinity Fonts

You asked for it. You got it...

With the official release of Branding Packs, we found the perfect occasion to share this beautiful family of 8 different topographies that were available exclusively to our team members. Get the license to use them on your work with the PLUS membership.

Infinity Font
Original files

Original assets

Our exclusive resources, at your disposal.

We want to share with you a wide range of graphic resources in different formats made by our special creatives at Original Mockups. Please feel free to use them as a starting point in your designs.

We will be constantly sharing new resources which can be accessed with the PLUS membership. We hope you enjoy them!

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