Package Contents

In this pack you can find the graphics resources that were used initially of privately form by Original Mockups team, to create Universe Bundle Mockups. For being part of our subscriber's group, you will receive exclusive limited access to use these designs.


This folder contains all the designs used to present the mockups include in the Bundle, which are described then:

  • Universe Bundle Cover
  • Universe Design


This folder content the 3D models and animations that were created to use as a
graphic complement to the general concept of Universe, this resource could be useful as a starting point to generate new forms.

Requires Foundry Mode. Please read the License.pdf file for more information about its use.


This folder contains all the typographic family Infinity, that now is available for you on a limited way. We suggest consulting the License.pdf file for more information.


This folder contains the Outer Space Image By Tyler Young, this image is included on high resolution, which one you can use of limited way.

We recommend consulting the branding-pack-content-license-agreement.pdf file.


On this folder, you can see the Universe Bundle branding process, which you can use as a design referent. This brand is for the exclusive use of Original Mockups and it can not be used as part of your designs projects. For more information consulting the file branding-pack-content-license-agreement.pdf.